Kick it out Wiki

Morale rules

Your team has morale 0 .. 10. The more morale points, the better your team plays. Whenever your morale changes, you see a hint at the bottom of the screen. You can see the morale value any time at the top of the main screen.

  • Whenever you win a game, you can get a "Unity" event and a morale point. This depends on game type (in league or tournaments it happens more frequently than in friendlies) and your opponent (the better the team you have beaten, the more likely it is that you get the morale point). Beginner teams get a higher propability until they reach 1000 prestige.
  • Regular morale change -1 each 333 minutes if greater than 0.
  • +1 morale for a won tournament.
  • When you win and have mascots and superstitous players, after the match you sometimes get a button which gives you another +1.
  • +10 for a league championship or qualifying for a higher league
  • -10 for league relegation
  • Whenever you play a lower class tournament with higher class players (i.e. an Amateur Cup with Q99 players) there is a chance that those players cause a morale loss of -1. Play tournaments with players fitting that tournament's class and this won't ever happen to you.