Kick it out Wiki

Here are the rules for the League Cups:

  1. When you join a 1st - 3rd division of any league (except Beginner League) you are automatically registered for that league's League Cup.
  2. League Cups run with 64 teams and 6 rounds or 128 teams and 7 rounds (currently German and World League). The finals are saturday 17:30 CET. The other rounds take place between the first and second league match each day (except on sunday if you have only 6 rounds)
  3. If a league is tactics emphasized, its League Cup also is.
  4. League Cup matches are like League matches: 10 minutes before kickoff, you cannot join a tournament, and 3 minutes before kickoff, you cannot play friendlies. Also, the coach will setup your team if it is has a low strength, even against bots.
  5. The draw for round 1 is 5 minutes after the league matches are scheduled.
  6. League Cups are played in KO/elimination style with extra time and penalty shootout if needed.
  7. All pairings are drawn randomly.
  8. The cup winner receives a trophy, prestige and payout. Prestige and payout are below the values for league champions.
  9. The cup winner also may join the Galaxy Cup on the same evening, except if he is also qualified for the Universe Cup, in which case he will only start there. If he would play Galaxy Cup anyway because of the league position, his license is redundant.
  10. The clan of the cup winner scores 100 clan points.