Kick it out Wiki

If you don't want to wait long for success, you should consider the following article and avoid the typical 'beginner mistakes'.

At the beginning of your managerial career, you shouldn't pay much attention to the strength (some still say 'Q' for quality) of your team and which tactic is probably the best. For the time being, the focus is on building up your club premises and collecting capital in order to effectively put together a team that will bring you success and prestige and that you can maintain it well.


In general: Larger, better buildings are of course more expensive and can only be built if the smaller one already exists. Some have a certain level requirement.

Attention! Many buildings cost maintenance. These costs per season (week) are always deducted in the night from Saturday to Sunday. If you can't pay them, the buildings will crumble and you'll have to fix them!


Improve the stadium first! The small town stadium costs only 1.5 million and holds 5000 fans, five times the size of the Clay Court you start with. More spectators bring more money, and in larger stadiums you can charge higher admission prices without the poorer fans preferring to stay at home. If you want to start as quickly as possible, it can make sense to put a few million or some of the first free rubies into the acceleration of this construction site.

Attention! The small town stadium also seems tempting (15,000 spectators, 5 million), but it already costs 100,000 weekly maintenance.


The office generates a free item up to once a day during the visit (just tap). Which one depends on the expansion level. This works a total of 30x (i.e. 30 days). It is possible to initially only expand the branch and not to visit it, and then later to receive 30 of the better items.

Provisional office: Sponsor check (1 million) - can help finance the stadium or good players

Small office: Silver Boost (+10 for 6 days, only for silver players, i.e. under strength 70) - if you have quickly brought the team strength over 70, it makes sense to 'skip' this level

Large office: 1 trainer action point (TAP) - two instead of one TAP per day can be useful

Ostentatious office: (Caution: costs 50,000 maintenance costs per week) 1 surprise - (surprises are often just a pair of wonder socks, but can also be a helpful junior contract, training camp, youth point or a career extension)

Stadium Improvements

Beer stands sound indispensable, in fact they initially only produce little income, as these are proportional to the number of viewers and this in turn depends on your prestige or level. At the same time, stadium improvements cost weekly maintenance, so they only pay off if you play a lot of games.

The following stadium improvements are available:

Beer stand (small, medium, large) - a maximum of five

Sausage booth (small, medium, large) - maximum five

Fanshop (small, medium, large) - maximum one

Restaurant (small, large) - maximum one. Is required to date the secretary.

VIP boxes (small, medium, large) - maximum five. Together with catering (see premium shop) create special collectors' cards. Only important for beginners if you want to get off to a particularly good start

Club area

Most of the buildings that you can build unlock game functions and are therefore absolutely to be built, at least in the smallest variant. Others just bring prestige or look great, or help to get the 'All Buildings Built' medal, but that shouldn't be your goal initially.

Training area (simple, better) and training center (normal, large, luxury) - unlock the player training mini-game. Better variants simplify training or increase the effect

Parking (mud puddles, small, large) and parking garage (small, large) and underground parking with a rail connection - increase the number of spectators

Academy - must have! Necessary to improve young talent contracts, specify player details when redeeming the contracts and receive talent points (collect once per day by tapping)

Villa - unimportant for beginners

Airport - unimportant for beginners

Your team

Depending on the chosen starting conditions, your team is crap or pretty bad. You won't be able to compete in any serious competition. Fortunately, there are a lot of bots of the right strength that you can challenge in friendly games and small tournaments.

It may be that among the initially created players you have three plus signs. This means that they can improve by more than 20 points. If you were lucky, it could reach the absolute maximum strength of 100. Keep such players. You can replace all others.

Get cheap players on the transfer market (mostly without previous owners, i.e. generated by the server) that are better than the ones you have. They do not have to be upgradeable (i.e. with a plus sign). Don't spend all your capital.

Put younger players with a plus sign on the transfer list, as an auction. If the auction has ended (1-2 days), they will be purchased automatically. The proceeds are not high, but better than nothing. You just let bad players go.

Invest the first rubies that you get for free in ruby ​​players from the shop. You can either keep them or sell them to get money.

Which tournaments to play

At the beginning you should try to gain prestige with the existing players over the Junior Cup and the Amateur Cups by defeating the bots and winning the final. This also gives morale to the team, which in turn increases the chances of winning. You should take full advantage of these cups up to the existing level limit, as they are under 'beginner protection', so you will not have strong opponents.

The league versions of the tournaments (Junior League, Amateur League) are open to everyone. If you dare to take part in such a competition, you will usually meet power gamers whose second teams (or temporarily weakened senior teams) will spank your butt properly.

The advantage: You often play in large stadiums away and get a nice share of the audience revenue. Since several game days are guaranteed in league mode, you can even enter a junior league and put the phone away. A few minutes later you got a few losses - and a few tens of thousands of cash.

Which Friendly Lounge?

At the beginning, you should always adjust the selection of the lounge to the respective strength, i.e. at the beginning it is advisable to play in the beginner's lounge and then later switch to the Silver Lounge. If there is no real opponent available, you will usually receive a bot.

If you compete in the 'Frei für alle' lounge, then it is best to go abroad - then you play in large stadiums and collect the corresponding audience revenue.