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Kick it out! is your independent online football manager. It was first published for Android in 2010.

We are currently overhauling this page. Note that most text is translated by Google and then edited, so "hopefully" it's all correct. There might be some minor errors. Thanks for your patience!

For beginners[]

Getting Started - laying the foundation for your successful career as a manager

Beginner Leagues - here's where your career starts

Cash - How do I get quickly to a lot of money?

Level up - all about the levels system

Advanced topics[]

Academy - managing rookie contracts and talent points

Advanced Coaches - The Coaches

Clans and Clanrating - How to join or create a clan and how to score points for the Clan-Rating

Fairplay - No-Gos, warnings, bans, naming rules

Fan Clubs - how to get them and what they do

Leagues - the leagues

League Cups -

Morale - Make your team play even better

Other Topics - Coach-Action, League, Cups, Packs, Specials, No-Gos and abbreviations

Player Boosts - items improving players temporarily

Specialists - Which specialists there are, what they do and where they are effective?

Tactics - rock-scissors-paper system

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